Make quicker and more accurate planning decisions by integrating automation and artificial intelligence into the process. We uncover new media opportunities that enhance campaigns!
Together we save planners time and re-focus their energy back into managing client business.
Solutions that every planner needs!
We listen to needs and deliver solutions that make day-to-day planning tasks easier
Media Planner
Recommends a media plan based on objectives and data

- Algorithm analyzes all historical campaign data
- Look-a-like media plans to help inform decisions
- Planners can adjust media schedules
- Plans are securely stored for buyer execution

Data Hub
Collects campaign data through direct connections for seamless integration

- API connections with data from the source
- Organized all data points in one location
- Data is stored for future Analysis
- Users can export data into their BI and/or Excel.

Inventory Catalog
Stores all media source and related campaign information

- Tracks rates and campaign benchmarks
- Performance overview against real data
- Maintains campaign KPI's
- Tracks budgets against actual spend

No black box here! We take a consultative approach when offering solutions
Software providers often make the mistake of thinking their solution solves all business needs. Media Machines realizes the media planning process is different at every agency.

We are committed to finding the right solutions that best fit your needs by offering complete flexibility and customization.

Media planning is an art and a science! We just help do it better and faster!

Media Machines' algorithms learn as they go!
Through artificial intelligence, our platform analyzes historical data points, budget allocation, campaign goals and objectives and factors in audience targeting.

Our analysis allows Media Machines to recommend baseline media planning guidelines for buyers to execute.

By connecting directly to your campaign data, this provides a clear view into performance. Media Machines use this data to learn how to better invest the brands media dollars.

I see great potential in the product MMLab is building. I think this platform will take over routine work and save a lot of media planner's time. Offering a unique AI-powered technology MMLab streamlines the planning process.
Cameron Tow
Media Director Media Matters Worldwide

The idea is great and the solution itself sounds very promising with proprietary technology powered by AI and backed up by the hard-working team. It has a high potential to be a part of the Martech stack for every ad agency and brand.
Richard Fallah
CEO VBout, Martech expert
Meet our team
Our experience in both media and technology, make us passionate about what we do! We believe in an iterative process, working closely with our partners to deliver solutions that will increase productivity while saving time and money.
Arsen Revazov
Ilya Gubarev
Vice Chairman of the Board
Anthony Medico
Chief Executive Officer
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